Sunday, April 26, 2009


its joanne here again.
hah. i think that she's gonna abandoned this blog already. -.-

not updating and its dead !

she's busy ahem STUDYING ahem so yea. hope you peeps understand.
okay imma gonna ciao now. i dont even know what to say.
what more can i say ? just hope she logs in and update again.
ttfn. :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Joanne here. :)

I'm helping this woman to update her DEAD blog. She's so busy with tuition everyday.
I'm so not regretting taking Arts. :D

Hmm okok this is gonna be crappy.
I'll talk bout the er past ? O.o (just a short one)

Form 1.
We were both in 1 Siantan that time which was in year ermmmm 2006. I dont know how we got close , together with gay geraldine. :p I remembered we had '' something '' which was so lame. haha. Fuck that , seriously. It was probably the suckish secondary year ever.

Form 2.
Same class. 2 Siantan aka 2 Syaitan (wewerethenoisiestclassever). Okay this year was probably the BEST year in bu4. 2 Siantan and Anggerik was so wild and lively. Mingda and Daniel was still in this schl. Same class. We hang alot with mingda and dwayne. But well , it was the worst education year for me. -.- We got fucked up teachers and also thanks to the hyperness of the class. hah.

Form 3.
Got into same class again. 3 Siantan. It was PMR year. Can't play around anymore. At the same time , got more matured too. haha. ''right''.All the fun ppl were seperated from the form 2 classes. Teacher's work. Mingda and Daniel transfered out. And so Kuah came in. -.- Got rly close to jas and celes hun. ;) && So fucking many tragdies in our form 3 lifes. But it was yet a memorable one.

Form 4 , will talk bout tht other timee.
Anyway , if she still isnt updating. I'm gonna post crap stuffs , again. -.-
Ciao. ;)