Friday, September 4, 2009

It's hard to find a time to blog on school days.
&& I'm getting lazy to it again. HEH.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

It just gone like that.

I'm munching this Almond tuiles from Famous Amos and i can't stop it. It's tasty :( Do you think i should just finish it? There's only like, 3 pieces left and others are the crumb. Oh, I just finish one piece while typing :D hehe okay, that's enough :( Enough.

Catch it with a bunch of friends. Feeza and I wanted to watch The Death of the Girlfriend's Past but the others want that -.- We thought the movie would be quite, stupid or something but it turned out quite hilarious.

'Zakariah' Datinnnn ... :)

Berbuka-puasa at Marche with some of them at night. Y'know, Marche serve low quality food. Okay not low quality food but, y'know.. no standard. I mean, the price is so expensive and the quality of the food is like.. normal. Not like they give you a better chicken or fish with that price. And the way they present it is .. simple. But the environment is nice la, homey.

Mom came to pick me up after that. We bought some ham, bacon, and sausage for American Breakfast for the next morning :D

I'm working on my arms kay.. I'm working on it.

We are cool like this :p and and I like my outfit ! :D eheheh


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Miss Universe 2009.

So, The title of Miss Universe 2009 goes to Miss Venezuela, Stefania Fernandez and she's only 18 years old like whaaaat? She looked freaking mature and of course very pretty. But I was hoping Miss Puerto Rico(the one on the left) to get the title of Miss Universe. She might not look pretty in some angle but over all her face is unique. Y'know like Angelina Jolie, never focus on her lips only, it's very .. weird, and thick :x But over all she's one sexy lady. Agree? :) That day my mom watched Wanted and there's a scene where Angelina Jolie kiss the guy and the camera focused all on their kissing and my mom said Angelina Jolie's lips is like a leech sucking the guys lips. HAHAH! I laughed when she said that. The way my mom describe is way more disgusting k.

Anyway, all contestants look really gorgeous and stunning that night ;) Miss Universe 2008 dropped the crown while crowning Miss Universe 2009! What the hell! It's a freaking don't know how many K of gem stones and she dropped it like that! Sure got scratches dy, damn sam tong k.

And omg i I didn't know Heidi Montag sings! :O I was like .. Heidi? Isn't she from The Hills? Her body is damn nice okay. Damn hot ! The song was not bad - Body Language. I don't like her outfit for that night -.- skin coloured.


I skipped English tuition today because I got no trasnsport ! YAY :D This month will be last month there. No more torture! :D Y'know the class should end at 6 15 and she always end it at 6 30 and fyi, it's a 2 hours 15 minutes class. Isn't it way enough!? -.-

Okay, i gtg now. Another tuition later :( Oh another thing, I dislike Miss Kosovo. Don't get why is she even in Top 5.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Very very tired.

I was out the whole day, so you get my title. I loveee wearing high pants now! The short ones la. You get what i mean? -.- pft, I'm always bad in describing things. Never mind forget about it. Oh and i loveeee the new pump I bought from Zara ! So cute :) And omg, Juicy Couture is on SALE! It's so sad that i couldn't find anything there. As in those worthy things(?) There's one bag that caught my eyes but damn, I just got my DKNY bag :( I forgot to check the price of the tracksuit after the discount. But i know the original price is RM500. Yes, just for the top.

Total price for the tracksuit: Rm1000+ But i like the topppp ! :( Should have buy it last year at the warehouse at Bangsar Village! It's only Rm200! :( Much cheaper tho it's still quite pricey. Ehh but cheaper than my Roxy one. Should have grab it !! :(

I need some rest and a massage. Walking the whole day kills my feet. Nights people :))

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nothing, nothing is going on.

The washroom in Parkson is big :O

Anyway! Mom and I didn't do much shopping today. We have our whole day to shop but it seems like .. there's nothing much to shop there. For TODAY i mean. Normally Pavillion is nice :D I still get what I want so, pretty good day!

What should I do tomorrow? Hm.. You know, I suddenly have this thinking, I feel bad to leave my mom alone when I go out with my friends. It's pretty mean leaving your mom at home doing nothing, ok maybe housework and you having fun outside with your friends. Rightttt(?), come to think of it. I think I should help her to plan outings with her friends to keep her accompany.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chocolate helps to slim down!

ABDO CHOC. Mom got it during the last year sale. She finished the first bottle and didn't continue using after that because i think it didn't work on her. So! One day after so long, she gave the another bottle to me. :D Frankly, I don't trust all these things. You can get a nice stomach by applying this? Then everyone would have nice stomach dy kan? So whatever, just try it la. "With each passing day, your skin regains its elasticity and your stomach looks more toned. " Plus, I go gym and also control on my eating. Sure effective! :D Oh and it contains cocoa inside ;) WOAH. MUST TRY.

My internet is damn freaking slow. -.- Better go to bed now. Bye! OINK* :D haha oink oink. hahah! OINK! BYE! oink oink!

okay sorry bye. Retarted -.-