Thursday, January 22, 2009

I always wonder, do you still care about me?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What so hard actually?

Ta da ! Ta da ! Ta da ! x)

The pictures taken are much sharper than Sony's lor seriously. The quality beat Sony maan ! Sony is just good at design but Canon sucks big time. I'm so going to do something with it soon. Where else can I find the G-Mask store? y'know.. they help you to stick those 'stickers' on your phone, laptop, music player etc etc .. It's not at Curve already -.- WHERE DID IT MOVE TO WOI !?! I want to do it before CNY laa :\

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Who on the Earth says that is a honeymoon year?!

Maths is killing me okay -.- sigh.

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year 09'

Okay so I got the New Year's pictures from my brother's friend already but none of the pictures have me inside -.- and his camera battery was low so not many pictures.

(picture taken using my 3.2 megapixels handphone :( )

So I celebrated my NYE with Joanne and a bunch of friends. Obviously One Utama's fireworks were better than Curve's last year. yeah then blah blah blah. For the first time after 3 years, Joanne was allowed to sleepover. YAY :D

lol but too bad my wardrobe wasn't done that time so she had to sleep on the wood. LOL sorry. Her back was aching the next day. hahaha :D and she had flu lol. My brother's friends sleptover at our house too, 5 of them :O All of us got back from Curve around 12 30. They played wii up stairs while us watching movie with titbits of course! :D Twister at 4a.m after that and they joined us. The whole thing was super funny i tell you. LOL. The game was so obsceneee ! eeeek.

Everyone of us slept at 6 in the morning x) Gabriel and Wei wah went home at 6a.m LOL. yay break record ! *ding ding ding!* my latest was 4a.m, now 6 in the morning! whoooo x)) Surprisingly, we woke up around 2p.m, just like during holidays. I thought we would sleep until late afternoon or evening. Oh well, I had fun :D

I'm in ...

Science class now, Anggerik.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

only I wish.

So, I was discussing with my mum about the stream I should take while we were on the way to find my room light yesterday. I chose one and it's like so .. beautiful ! :D okay okay back to the discussion. Right, my mum said it's better to take science somehow. It's good to take arts also if your ambition is related to arts, there's also bright future of course. You can learn many interesting things in science, get more knowledge.

After so many opinion and discussions with friends and family, I decided to stay back at arts :) yah yah i know previously I dislike my class a lot. I can list out few reasons I want/ should stay in arts okay :D

aherm first ..

  • I can only go Anggerik(last class for science) but the teachers there sucks. Well, that's what everyone says. En Salehuddin teach them fizik ! HOW IS THAT !? :D
  • I'm still not sooo sure whether I can cope in science.
  • Most of them are staying at arts already, lol. We change our mind quite fast tho.
  • I'll definitely miss Joanne ! without her in class I tell you I moody everyday! no laa, she's not that good actually xp She's sick of me telling her my thoughts. how great is that, BEST FRIEND !
  • My class teachers is actually very good. We are lucky to have En. Siva as our History teacher, Pn Leow as our Modern Math teacher and En. Ravi as our Add Math teacher :) I'm still not sure about En. Ravi but he sounds very experienced? lol.

SO, ARTS ! :D Thank god my mum didn't mind I changed my mind so fast. Some more I complained to her how suck my class is yesterday, like seriously say my class until damn damn bad one okay. say there's only 2 groups in our class which is dead one and alive one. I know I'm so meaaan and i'm so sorrrryyy! I take back my words okay okay. sorrry ! :(

Monday, January 5, 2009

your choice, I didn't want that to happen.

My first day of school was .. SO TIRING ! :\ it wasn't thaaat good also. The school put me in Siatan(again, this would be the 4th year in siantan ohmygosh -.-), which is arts stream. My mum said I should go arts because when I'm at college, I'm still going to choose arts subjects so no point going to science stream now. Well, true also laa. But no way i'm staying at Siatan this year okay? >x\ that class sucks. it's like super dead, not alive at all, y'know? Quite a numbers of them are going to appeal for science, me too definitely. Joanne is staying at Siantan. She has Kay yen with her after I leave but I don't. In class got laa, those closed one but they are all guys -.- Anggerik less girls more guys and I don't mix with the girls there. whatever, still can survive ! :D *hope so :( ! cross fingers*

Eclipse and Breaking Dawn is out of stock! wtf :( now Twilight and New Moon can find it so easily already, pfft. I finish reading New Moon dy laa. I want to read Eclipse already you know!

p/s will have a proper update about NYE when I get those pictures ;)

Friday, January 2, 2009

The end, is the start of a new beginning.

So how was your NYE ? Bet most of you celebrated at Curve, well me too. So today, the second day of new year, 20 more minutes to the third day of 2009. I hope it would be a great year, a better year for me. I burned my finger on my birthday, 12 am sharp last year. And lost my camera on the same day too. Also, I broke a glass on Christmas day.

2009 will be a better year, I believe.

I've learnt many things during 2008. I definitely do not want to tell it out here because I think there's no need to let people know what I've learn. Most of it is personal, so yeah. I'm happy that I'm much closer to my brother now. He knows some of my secrets, I don't have to hide them from my family. Well, at least one family member :)

I'm hoping to learn more things this year, so that I can be more mature and not so kiddish anymore. Learn to think more for people than yourself (I do think more for people than myself already, that's what i think but if you don't agree then shuddup -.-). I want to be a better person and improve on my weaknesses.

I'm sort of aggressive, sometimes. I do something without thinking of the consequences, that might hurt people's feelings. But I'm a person that will really put all the effort and try my best on something I already decided, especially on relationships I guess.

shit, talk to much -.- I know it sounds corny but hey, it's true okay. I know that myself.

I really want a better year, 2009 will be the one. I'm not saying that 2008 wasn't a good year, I just want this year to be better, much better.