Sunday, June 29, 2008


Bakat, lucky for those that didn't go(no offense yah) , it was plain boring as i expected. Not because of Joanne, i wouldn't go. But the performance were good, just the atmosphere were bored.

Got myself prepared and headed to Aman Suria for Jacob's bbq party around 7 15pm. Everyone were there except for She Mei and 2 other guy. Joanne, Shu Mei and I were the only girls for the night, others were guys, 20 or maybe more -_- but still had so much fun! :D

Guai Leng Gou. If you taste it bitter, it means you ada penyakit. Go find a doctor ;)

ini Felix, the guitarist.

everyone were happy! or maybe.... only Joanne (:

Marwan memang poseeer =p

eat, talk, play, sing :) so niceee, miss it shooooo much now. There were 2 guitarist, Felix and Kah Soon to play songs for us, sama-sama macam camp fire :) Ada spaghetti, fried beehun, cakes, brownies dan satay. Aaron the chef for the night, barbecue butter/honey chicken wings and sausages for us. He's one of my new friend, thou his at my msn list for long time d.

Get to mengeratkan hubungan with ppl that i never talk before or don't talk much. good news huh? :) But there's also sad news for some of the boys. They know they would kena throw into the pool, yet too clever to leave their phone in the pocket. So at the end, 3 phone rosak. Hua Yen's longest phone, 6 months( -_-, 6 months very looooooooooooooong hor) just gone like that, smart boy.

Reached home at 12am sharp, thanks for the ride Kah Soon :) Surprisingly, my mum didn't zha me :D she's okay with it. but just very worry cause imma girl, oh well :) have no idea why but my body is kinda aching when i woke up, exhausted ma last night.

Thanks for the party, Jacob :) Had lots of fun, miss it like hella now =/

p/s my fringe very disturbing. off to study now :(

Sunday, June 22, 2008

eesh lah

AIYOOOOOOOOOOH! I missed out the Hannah Montana 3-D Concert, like wtf wtf wtf wtf. I even went to MPH and took 2 3-D glasses few weeks before her concert. No no no, it's not kiddy watching her concert.








Monday, June 16, 2008

Pa, Happy Father's Day!

You're being an awesome dad, paa! all the time.. :D He allows me too buy anything i want, unlike mama(kidding kidding x]) not really anything, but mostly :)

Dad is still sick. No appetite to eat. Get well soon yah :) So we went to a Vegetarian restaurant at ou. yeah, we celebrated Mother's day at the SAME restaurant, SAME table. SAME dishes. ha-ha -.-

Monday, June 9, 2008

you know how to breath a not ?

I didn't get anything at ou yesterday, sad =/ mum and I went to see my brother, cousin and his friend rock climbing & it looked so fun yoo ! Let's go one day yah, hunnies? :] (i sound so...... heh)


cousin. he used to have Andy Lau face ya know? :) too bad now don't have. both of them are olddddd already :D

Before we went for fish spa, we had our lunch at Canton-i. I ate porridge cause of my braces, i can't bite :( lots of delicious foods i can't order, so sad lahhh. the only sad thing wearing braces is I can't enjoy all the yummy foods :( for me, as a wai-sek-poh(greedy person), is very suffering seeing people enjoy their foods and i can't.

looked very... very... very.... very...... yummy and i belive it is :(

this is soooooo cutee and appetizing ! there are red bean paste inside. awmagod x,x

The fish spa was newly opened at ou. It was so gelii at first lah ohmygod. I shouted, screamed and laughed. ahahah. oh ya and also " AAH AAAH AHHH" hahahhaha (don't think dirty ) hahah and my mum quickly stopped me :) But after 10 minutes, you'll feel fine.

maa's one. so many fishes surrounding her foot mann.. look geli kan?

compared to mine.. so little fishes. OH OHH, maybe because my foot are too smooth :D tsk tsk. no lah no lahh. kiddding lahh.

is call camwhore, maaa :)

Today was the first day of school and some of my results are back. horrible. as in really horribleeeee +( H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E. reaallllyyyyy. you know.... horribleeeeee ! the reaaaaaallly horrrribleeeeeeee type? :( horrible untill you wanna tear your paper and throw it to your teacher ? :( :( how horrible can that be, you tell me?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

feel it.

got my braces done today ;) over all, it did not hurt much, that's good. Doing braces is not like what people always say, it hurts a alot. maybe because I'm using the self-ligation bracket, don't know lah. Lucky i still can smile like last time. cause you know, some people after they did their braces, they smile differently. no offense yah :)

I've to finish my projects by tomorrow, no matter what. I need to go kai kai with mom and hang out with friends during this weekend. must kay, must :)

I believe all of you know that the petrol oil increased like no one business start from today right. I had tuition yesterday and the traffic was terrible. all the petrol station were full of cars, took me 45min to reach home.

Okay. bye :) BRACES ROCKS! omg i cant believe i said that : O

Monday, June 2, 2008


this time, the extraction hurts more, i suffer more :( it did not hurt while the dentist was doing, but after that, now. OUCH. haih.. have to sacrify so much for braces. I get to do the braces this Thursday, like finally.. :)

and like ohmygod. i accidentally deleted all genting videos we took! shit lar.... aiyoh, pissed.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

everyone are happy !

Will talk about Fahrenheit in my other blog . The genting trip was not canceled, Jas's mom finally allowed her to go genting with us :) We (jacob, jia earn, kian kai, zhen wei, me) got so damn pissed when she told us she have to ffk us before that. So we prayed for her, hope that her mom will let her go, and it works ;) I also had an argument with my mum at night. don't wanna talk about it. but then my papa really helped me a lot ! THANK YOU DA-DDY :D

It's been some time since I went to genting theme park, it changed alot yo. We met up at 7 30 at ou aeroline there. After we reached the half-hill of genting, we sat Cable-car up. of course, camwhore cam whoreeeeee x)

first picture when we reached the theme park :x :o

We played all types of rides. It was so damn fun ! x) It rained approximately around 2pm, so we went to ta-kei -.- kinda boring. while waiting for the rain to stop, chilled at Starbucks :) cam whore cam whoreeeee again x) then after the rain stopped, we continued playing lah.

yeah i sat that ! :D fun ~

going up ~!

heart attack =x then die. CHOI LAH OF COURSE.


go-kart have to wear shower cap one worrr...

while waiting for the guys to finish go-kart.

i got influence by her kissy kissy pose =x

i'm not trying to act lala closing one eye kay. it was glaring! she took my spider man shade.

whoa jas! very cool hor x)

bou zhong ah meng mm meng? :)

you see? kissy kissy pose again. haiz *shakes head*

we were on a ride you know ! :D

had lunch at Mary Brown.

kids meal memang kids meal. the drumstick also smaller than normal one.

80 over bucks for these 5 cups of Starbucks !

We sat 5pm bus home. cam whore cam whoreeeee again x)

before rain.

after rain. a-h-a.

Jas didn't join us for dinner at ou. so 5 of us went to BBQ Plaza for dinner, yummmmm :) We ordered one Family Pork Set and one Supreme Mixed Set (plus beef, yuck). We called them to served the pork set first while waiting for Geraldine to join us, bathing at home -.- we finished the pork set in half an hour, so the poor mixed set was on the table for half an hour too, non of us were allowed to eat first, CAUSE WE HAVE TO WAIT FOR GERALDINE +\ at last when she arrived, she didn't eat -.- she sui anot you tell me, we were so hungry at that moment. after dinner, guys and girls separated since dine wanna find for shoes. So she got her pretty shoes & she's happy. halo? i choose for her one kay :) later on, Jacob & zhen wei bumped into us again and chilled at Starbucks again. Geraldine wants to enjoy her dinner at Starbucks WOR, a piece of American blah blah cake, and a cup of green tea frap = RM 28. we can eat so many plates of Fried Bacon at BBQ plaza already kay!

after that dine & I ciao, that 2 guys went to enjoy their movie.

BYE :) i have lots of fun today ! :D I miss it so much now !