Saturday, February 28, 2009

Go ahead. I don't want to care anymore.

Credits to
Feng Cheng :)

Hafizaaaaah :)

$ $ $ ! :D

OH YEAH, Filet O-Fish!

omg, please ignore my stupid face -_-'

p/s Facebook is being really nice today :D yay!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Give me a little bit more time. I can get over it, I can.

My fringe is layereeeeed now! :( Just because I didn't tell her not to cut layered this time and she did -.- I never like layered fringe. Whatever, it will grow right? :)

So school test is finally over xD Many of them are planning to hang out on March holidays already. Barbecue party(agaaaaaaain!), outings, LANGKAWI -___- it's not like a big deal after test right? just a test helloooo? Economi is like, really bad now. Langkawiii? A BIG NO man.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

you know, I'm starting to get over it. It's leading me to no where. Pointless.

Will update soon! :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

you see the same thing in a different way now.

CNY party at my place.

My throat is not feeling very well now, still it will affect my mood tho I just have to type. So I'll summarize everything kay? :)

It was supposed to be a CNY barbecue party but none of my friends I invited actually barbecue -.- It was my brother's friends that barbecue(for us) through the night. No lambs left but a big bowl of chicken wings. So the few days after the party, mummy finished up the chicken wings by cooking/frying the chicken wings with different spices for us. And she vowed not to do barbecue parties anymore haha.


'eh take a picture of me drinking faster'

my house was too hot, she needed shades.

oh, both of us needed shades :)

I mean, we needed shades. okay damn lame -.-

tired dy ..

okay let's continuee!

out of pose, so I started to pose with my drink :D


she wanted to show off she won only few bucks from the gamble.

obviously you saw the difference of the picture quality right? I want his cameraa! :( DSL !

Jas look very japanese in this picture O.o

Agneeeeeees the hyperbola!

Pinky! who came late that night.

bro's friends.

They don't think my jokes are funny :( ass holeess.

Keng Jin aka the clumsy guy, dropped the whole barbecue set. haih, he cleaned up the mess himself and all of us were at the side taking pictures, YAY!

Bye bye! :D

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 5 - Shooting & Simon Cabaret @ Phuket ; Day 6

The 5th day was the most productive day I should say, heh :) We went shooting in the morning. Remember I only shot once and cried last year? HA-HA, I didn't cry this year and I shot all myself! :D :D It was an exciting game really!

He chose sniper this year, not very loud tho.

not bad eyh?

Oh yeah oh yeah it's my turn!

YOU SEE! All 7 shots on the paper! Never miss one! :D

the shooters ! hellll yeah ;)

the sniper is like so long right? Go-kart after that :D it was damn sad that I couldn't play because I was wearing skirt. So only my brother and cousins played.

the cousin and mum.

So it was time for the mums to shop for their homes ;) We went to few ceramic shops and the car was so heavy after that haha.

poor thing, he's blind :\

I still remember these 2 dog. freaking manja one lol.

pretty place right? :)

Simon Cabaret is a very popular pondan show. The performance were great, all the singing, dancing and comedy. Another place you must visit at Phuket ;)

some are pretty, some are freaking ugly seriously. Half guy half woman, eww gross. Their boobs are really still. It won't move when they're running or shaking lol.

They were all standing there and ask you to take a picture with them. Must pay of course, 40baht.


ah, this is the preetiest one. look like a real girl, isn't he? His hand was holding a stack of money. Everyone just couldn't wait to take a picture with .... him.

that uncle look damn miang.

HAHAHA this old geisha. He's soooh funnay! He can stick out his tongue really fast i tell you! like really fast! in out in out in out .. LOL damn funny!

Oh yes, this 2 guys. I think that guy beside me was so handsome at first and I felt really wasted that he's going to be a woman very soon. I was still whining about it when we reached the hotel. But after looking at this picture so many times, I felt disgusted. He looks so ... plastic .. and scary. I think he was hot because when he performed, he was the only most good looking guy among all the still-guy-look guys. The attraction ...... y'know.... okay screw it yuck yuck yuck yuck!!


Day 6 ;

My period finally ended that day and I got to swim, yay! :D I was kinda sad that we had to leave so fast :( We stopped by at Big C hyper market to get some titbits before we leave Phuket. We were back at Hatyai after the 3 hours tired journey, not excited anymore. It was a fun trip after all :)


super cute treats for dogs!

Dinner at Restaurant Kan Yin @ Hatyai.

curry crab.

mango salad.

petai prawn.

kai lan with sauted fish.

tom yum seafood.

So when is your next vacation to Phuket? :)