Sunday, September 28, 2008


Happy Belated Birthday, hunny !

3 years of friendship and definitely still counting :) Thanks for being there when I'm down or whatever. thou everytime I tell you about anything, you'll just go " oh. i don't knoooow. but ......" haha. but I still love you the same :) at least I get to express my feelings to the person I love. omigosh. damn cheessy X.X

I'm really sorry I didn't make it that night. I feel very bad that I can't even be there to celebrate your birthday with you this year. I promise I'll definitely celebrate your sweet sixteen with you next year kay <3

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm afraid I'm going to far.

I'm so exhausted. just got back from Penang not long ago. The wedding dinner was quite boring. Oh well. Penang is famous of foods. so of course, I didn't missed those thumb up delicious foods. mmm.. satisfied :) nothing much to talk about it lah, it's not like the first time I go Penang. && hun, penang rocks okay :)

my breakfast ! hehe :D

with this!


mamma mia ! :)



so hai betul. heh xp

I've to go flip the god damn book now. bye!

Friday, September 19, 2008


Hellooo :)

I'll be skipping math class tonight :) I'm going for a short trip to Penang to attend my dad's brother's wedding. leaving in an hour. I went for manicure yesterday and I choosed green colour this time. I looooooove it ! :) :) heh. Anyway, you guys can text or call me anytime kay. Incase the wedding dinner tomorrow will be boring, so yeah.

Alright, gotta go now! byeee.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

back to time.

Joanne, the "happy thinking feels better" doesn't seem to work for me anymore ..
how much was our betting again?

Monday, September 15, 2008

where are those hopes?

I didn't know the library is close on Monday -_- so ended up at MCD again. oh well, Kuah would be happy cause he memang wanted to go MCD to s.t.u.d.y (oh-so-called-study right, ended up walking here and there) cause we can get free refills :) went CC after that since he was like super bored. It's been 7 years since i step in CC. 7 years! still remember my brother and I used to sneak out the house just to go CC -_- old times old timess. well, my skill playing Counter-Strike still not bad eyh :) heh. at least he win me by ONE round only. only ONE kay xp

candid !

Then later on, he've to go back for tuition so I met up with my brother and his friends at Starbucks and continue studying. so, I was out since 12pm and got back home around 7pm. 7 hours... :) hell yeah.

OOOOOH! MY FRAPPACINO GREEN TEA! The first drink I ordered when I first know Starbucks :)

only a mean person would do that.

OH. I'm skipping school for the whole week! :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

everything you wanted isn't anything you have ;

so ... yesterday night, went over to Daniel's house for his "open house?" or "the-so-called mooncake-celebration" or his grandma's birthday, I also don't know lah, just go there for fun :D I'm the only girl he invited that went -_- others can't make it. The whole night just talking, laughing, playing fire, eat, drink .. nothing much. oh and, I skipped my dinner again! :D :D :D


show me the speechless face yo!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

You have your own limits, so do I.

err .. hellooo? okay, HI :D

I'm finally ready for the wedding dinner next week! got my heels, my dresses, accessories, clutch ... yay! :D Oh and I finally get to try the Chocolate Lounge at OU too! zooooooomggg. the chocolates there are deliciouuuuuus! I WANT MORE! i don't care about the calaroies! just gimme gimme, MOREEEE !

side orders - marshmallow.

I'm craving for more.. !

just bloody look at the chocolate! :(

not candies, but chocolates :)

somehow I just like this picture.

this one too :)

brother and I.

i'm done. bye! :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

when you say nothing at all.

okaay, so.. i removed my previous post. just feel like it, so yeah. Anyway, I had Science and Geography paper today. Science 1 was easy! reaallyy :D Science 2 wasn't hard too, but because I did not study much, so I don't know and left it blank. heh. Geography was hard like hell. I tembak almost all question :/ I don't know how to see the petaaaaaaaa. and i really hate to memorize those places! so, another A gone for PMR. oh well ..

Today, I totally forgot that I've BM paper 2 exam at my tuition centre. I was late for 40 minutes! I did not complete the paper. I screwed it :/ no points, no time. so whatever laah.

Hmm, one of my friend are over-stressed these days. not just because of studies but other problems. you really shouldn't stressed up yoursself so much until you felt so depressed. seriously, if you really try your best on the exams, it's okay if you didn't get an A. because you already try your best right. so just chill kay :) good luck in everything yo.