Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm done right here, I guess. I'm done.

Jogging at Kiara Park with mum this morning. Oh yeaaaaah healthy ;) heh.

The Gardens at Ou with mum the other day :) The ambiance of the cafe is really pretty! :D

I know they way i hold the fork and knife is damn weird. I know okaay, i know :(

Mommy ;)


I think it's pretty long since me and her went outing together? I mean just the both of us. It is all about laughing, gossiping and update each other on everything, heh :D We had our lunch at Dragon-i before we enter the cinema. Dragon-i, mmm all time favorite! My family is a regular customer at Dragon-i at Centre Point and I'm lucky to see one of the waitress there so ... 10% discount for regular customer ;) HEHE. We watched Hotel for Dogs which I rated 8/10? Nothing outstanding but yeah, it's fine :) After the movie was then Karaoke session! :D YAY! I was excited to sing sing sing (okay whatever you're thinking, just SHHH).

It was our first time karaoke at Neway. We sang all the fast songs first so we were out of voice for that moment. It's like suddenly we have to sing in a low voice, but no voices were heard then we laughed our asses off on the couch. hahah. It's really nice to sing back those old songs like I Lay My Love On You, My Love, Mirror Mirror, Pretty Boys :) so .. sentimental? haha.

5 more minutes to twelve. I guess I better sign off now. Bye! :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Walking on both ways.

I'm having tuition everyday starting from this week. EVERYDAAAAY :( :( :( :( :( my fault my fault.. I did not study for last term. So now like that laa, tuition everyday. ma de :( I'm not even on holiday now, technically. Wake up at the time people is having lunch, then after lunch tuition in the evening.

Holidays? Yeah right.

Are you guys enjoying your holidays out there? Good for you if you are. Really.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I want to Karaoke !

American Idol is on Wii now ! :D So fuuuuun! I'm going to get it ! So, dinner at Aunty Annie's place last night. I baked 25 cupcakes for them and all of them say it was good :D :D heheh. I tried this um, liquor and it taste 90% like chocolate milk! yummy :p

Amber! adorable? mhm it is, BUT damn fierce i tell you eesh.

who elseee? -.- are you bored of her face already? lol.

hahaha my aunt was laughing her ass out because of her singing. LOL.

NAAAAH ! :) pretty or not!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's stupid to care a person that don't give a damn about you.

I can't freaking wait for the hols to come !

Promise will update during the hols. Promise! :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm doing good, hell yeah.

Helloooooooo! :D :D

The computer don't-know-what-card kena strike last night so the internet up stairs is not working now. I'm downstairs online using the TV. I found so many old pictures in my old um.. what's that call... um.. omg what's that -.- um .. OH CPU! heh. I thought I lost those pictures already but ah, they're always here :)

remember this picture, Jo? LOL. we sent this picture to Wu Chun! AHAHAHAHAH OMG LMAO!

the Fahrenheit and Wu Chun times .. ahahahah!

The laughing disease, JOANNE! *grins*

omg Gabriel .. LOL.

my whatever master piece is that. hahah.

Form .... 2 Carnival Day if I'm not wrong.. But this picture was taken at Curve laa.

we used to love this picture a lot! lol.

Form 1 times..

hahah. It cracked me up looking through these pictures. Ah memories. That's why we have to take a picture of every moment okay. so please don't complain if we cam whore too much thank you :D