Sunday, May 25, 2008



never felt this relax and happy for ages like today :) had shopping with mum at Pavillion. sangat syooooook! I bought lots of lots of stuffs ! :D mum too kay.

Start from tomorrow, GYM TIME! man, it's been ages(too) since I went to gym. If i didn't go for gym everyday, i've to pay ma 20bucks, if she didn't, pay me 40bucks ;D heh.

I haven start my History and Geography project yet! +\ looks like i can't really enjoy these 2 weeks of holidays hmm. have to start tomorrow also =/

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Exams are finally over! Yahoooooo :D On Friday, before jas, celes, jo & me left OU to celebrate Kai's birthday, celebrate a lil while at the canteen for Ode's belated birthday. we were late so we only wished and gave her a hug. anyway, your cake was delicious ;)

Celebrated at Pizza Hut then all of them left for movie except for 4 of us cause jo have badminton practice, i've to go for my separater (OH YA! will talk about it later), so since 2 of us are not joining, so that 2 hunny also don't wanna join lor :D yeah then.....the rest I forgot, heh :)

Cheeeeers !

birthday boy and his girlfriend :)

sorry for the ver blur picture. but he was moving!

a clearer one :)

I skipped 2 weeks of 100% entertainment during exams week =/ I promise i won't say anything about Show on this blog right. okay okay, will blog it at my show's blog :) but yeah, i sacrificed for this midterm exams kay! hope it pays off everything :)

YEAHYEAHH! about the braces thingy right, i've said before that I DO NOT have to extract any teeth for it right... At last, the dentist told me i've to extract 4 teeth. WALAU WEI, 4 weih! I know most of the people extract 4 teeth, but i just felt so shocked, disappointed, miserable and nervous. I didn't put a smile on my face at all after she told me that. not even after i reached home =/

I just extracted 2 teeth today. Tried to relax myself before I went in to the clinic. I called her to put lots of layer of numb gum before injecting. I did it on 4pm untill now 8 35pm, my cheek is still numb. I can't eat you knoow ! have to wait till it's not numb anymore. have to eat zhok tonight, don't dare to bite lah. I still taste blood, yuck hate it. one word - uncomfortable. very...

ale zu kuan... :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

no, you dont.

A-HA! what a title! :D went taman tun library with Jas, Zu Kuan & Estima on Saturday again :) library closed at 4 45, so we headed to Mcd at Centrepoint, then camwhore camwhoreee.......... plus study, of course! :)

ya ya ya, fa hao -.- Qi will definitely say that.

me like this picture of her so much!

scaaaryy =x

almost lol : )

went back home, parents told me that we're going Genting! :D so i quickly prepared myself and went up to Genting, heeelll yeaaaah x) reach home around 2am, super exhausted. alright, pictures will do the talking.

Signature Hot Chocolate <3

mummmy !

i don't have to mention who's this right :) obviously, my dad. takkan my "brother"!

off to study! byee :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

shooo -.-

Today's BI paper 2 was a lil hard. prepared by Pn Liao Lee Fen -.- forget about that. Oh well, today is Teacher's Day. supposed to celebrate in the morning but drizzling for a while so we celebrated it after recess, around 10am. walau wei, damn bloody hot weih!

Then my friends and I went in 1 Siantan, got fan mah. there're these 2 nerd wanna shoo us away from their class. like wth, is not like we're the only gang went in their class for fan. Then this bloody skinny nerd keep on shoo us away, but I just ignore him lah. Then walau...

bloody skinny nerd : get out of my class !
Me : C'mon. sharing is caring.
bloody skinny nerd : *took out his oh-so-called "gun" and pointed at me*
Jescyn&Me : *stare*
bloody skinny nerd : *use his "oh-so-called-gun" filled with chalk powder and shoot at me*

knnccb. then i just keep on scold him lah. not like i'm bothering him or what. it was so sudden lah -.- my friends were like stared and scolded him also. bloody brainless skinny nerd ! tidak bermoral langsung. KURANG AJAAAR >;\

p/s i don't know why but i miss yesterday so so much :(

Thursday, May 15, 2008

fun day.

really lazy to update about Mother's Day so, just forget about it :) Anyway, went to Taman Tun library today. Jasmine and Celes were not there yet, so I just wait inside the car lah. then saw Zu Kuan and Estima, quickly ran to them cause it was my first time to the library, and I don't even know where is it. Walau, i didn't expect it was so BIG and strict.

Cannot wear shorts.
No foods and drinks allow.
Bags have to put it inside the locker -.-

"guard" : you are not allow to wear short pants.
Me : oh.. o-kaaay. first time here, so i don't know about it. i'm sorry.
"guard" : don't say sorry to me. say to him*point at a man*. ask for his forgiveness.

deng damn dulan lor! it's not like A BIG DEAL wearing short pants to library lah. make me damn embarrassing only. Everyone were like starring only -.- have to register to be a member only can study there. pfft. 16 bucks for 1 year. okay lah, not that expensive. But i only have 4 bucks with me so borrowed 12 bucks from Estima. thank youuuuu yah :) Jas and Celes are also a first timer to that bloody library. they were wearing shorts too! eye liner someore *shakes head*

Talk, gossips, jokes, and study. It was so fun ! I really miss it hunny ;) Done 2 chapters of Sceince there. Around 6pm, we went to the Makbul Mamak or whatever is it for a rest. yuck man. On top of the Ice Kacang got durian ice-cream. *pui pui pui!* durian sucks lah! eyerr, damn geli.
love you both! <3

Saturday, May 10, 2008

blah blah black sheep...

I got no mood to study at all, even though night is the best time for me to study. but what to do you tell me, no mood no matter how hard i study also can't go in my brain one mah, ni shuo shi bu shi ? I'm new for BM tuition last week and I talked the loudest x) damn lazy to read Rahsia and Panas Salju. For what i tell you this right? i know. I got nothing else to write. that's why.

I wanna go shopping ! I miss it ~ someore this Joanne tell me she went shopping today, buy these buy that, buy these buy that. I hate you woman, i seriously hate you c(: you know i'm just kidding.

I love my new blog! I don't know why. it look so..... nice(perasaan i know). That's what I THINK lah okay. you think it's ugly then ugly lah. yerr, damn random.

OH LOOK! 3 " I " as the first word of every paragraph! that is so coooool :)

I talk crabs ! :o

Friday, May 9, 2008


eeee my blog! it's so empty and boring. I'm sorry, my friends. ahh! the word "sorry" again. I started to...... ugh nevermind. Liqi & Jo will know about it.

So I finally finish studying Form 2's Geography. say YAY xD still got Form 1 & 3, my god my god my god O.O dieeeeeeeeeeeee. dark circles are getting obvious. it's not worth to get it, cause i THINKKK what i read didn't really go in my brain. 5 more months to PMR ><

Monday, May 5, 2008


Hey x) very first post on my this brand new blog = no more posts about Show Luo Zhi Xiang :) Is this a good new for everyone of you? don't have to suffer reading those posts that you're not interested. my old blog, will still remain there, but i'll only talk about Show Luo Zhi Xiang :) don't think any of you will ever read that blog anymore ><

Anyway! the house next 2 doors is disturbing me concentrating on my studies. It's renovating.. keep on " kung kang kung kang" fan dou sei! only studied one chapter of Geo and did the exercises.

gotta study now, byeee !