Saturday, December 27, 2008

the inner part.

I thought things would get a little awkward after the incident, but naah. I was wrong. The birthday dinner was like okay. there were still jokes and laughters :) Food at the chinese restaurant at One World Hotel was yummy i tell you!

First the appetizer, main dish then desserts :) No pictures of us cause I couldn't really smile that night so yeah. still happy, just couldn't smile. Anyway, thank you so much for the dinner dad :) oh and also my friends. Thank you.

Mango and prawns?
urm and this is vegetables and some seafood?
oh this! Prawn with special sauce!Scallops with vege ?

some kind of Tofu.

p/s my mum asked me to put captions one -_-

Thursday, December 25, 2008

sorry but there'll be no pictures and

you'll know why later.

So I guess I should update about my birthday? Well this year, my birthday was .... very, interesting indeed. We (Daniel, Norman, Iman, Ryan, Gabriel, Joanne and I) decided to celebrate at Italianies, the food was great. Ryan made a Baskin Robbin's ice cream cake for me, mint chocolate chips my favorite! :D Thanks for the cake! I didn't know Italianies will also create atmosphere for birthdays! So I have to stand on the chair (with heels!) and the waiter passed me a pepper bottle and asked me to make a 15 seconds speech ! O.O My cheek turned red, mind was blank, I didn't know what to say.

"Thank you for coming! Okay can dy !! " and placed the pepper bottle on the table.

I guess the waiter didn't hear it so he asked me to make a speech again X.X I refused at first, but aiyah don't spoil the atmosphere laa. So I took the pepper bottle again, but my mind was blank again -_-' I can't speak, I stuned for seconds ..

"Err .. *looked at all my friends* Thanks for coming laa. naah done dy done dy "

Then my friends kept on call me to just say something but I my mouth seriously couldn't open laa! And again I said ..

" herr-herr, aaaaah. um, thank ... you for coming ....... "

Finally(!), the waiter said " Okay now, close your eyes, and make a wish". One hand holding the cake far away from me and asked me to blow the candle after making my wish. I couldn't blow the candles because the cake was far from me! I tried so many times and finally I made it. damn stupid right. sorry laa, I seriously didn't know what to say laa. The cake was superlicious! :D :D

After that, we took pictures at the Christmas deco at Curve and chilled at the cinema lounge one and a half hour earlier before the show start. We watched Yes Man, the movie was funnay by the way hahah. We were there online, massaging, x box, chilling ..

Before the movie started, I realize that my camera wasn't with me anymore! I was like asking around where the hell is my camera(still wondering! ]: ) yeah then blah blah drama drama blah blah blah ..

My camera is lost, at no whereee. The very-chun-cctv can't see it clearly. My mum didn't want to make a report police to have the permission to watch the cctv cause it would be very very troublesome as you know Malaysia's police is god-damn-efficient.

Obviously I will rather want back those pictures than a new camera. Pictures really do mean a lot.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Lead me to the wrong way.

Bakery shops are in a very good business now eyh, all the last minute baking. My cousin came over my place to bake Christmas cookies, we got our ingredients and started doing Chocolate Walnut Cookies. It was our first time baking cookies, so the progress was fun! While we were doing half-way, we found out that we were short of chocolate chips. We can't leave the dough for long cause it would expand, so we actually ran to Oasis(near Little BU and Binjai) to get the chocolate chips but we couldn't find it.

Do you wanna do something insane?
What? Walk to ou?
Yeah but it's far.
Okay let's do it !

Since we couldn't be away for long, we ran(again) to Ou. I tell you we were super tired okay. We seriously ran all the way to ou! We expect that Cold Storage will have it because it's a super market hellooo. BUT WE WERE SO UNLUCKY THAT CHOCOLATE CHIPS AT COLD STORAGE WERE OUT OF STOCK! so fine whatever, since we're there, let's quickly go Jusco and find it then.

And we .. raaaaaaaaaaaan all the way to Jusco (O-L-D W-I-N-G-!!) to get it but for the second time, ^$)&$_~*%!$_+($^!*)_*$!^)*!$#!*%_)!$^*^$)*)^(%@!(%# !!!

CHOCOLATE CHIPS WERE OUT OF STOCK ALSO! pfft, we were like exhausted and worry that my mother would be worrying why aren't we back yet and our dough ...... Then suddenly my cousin found few boxes of White NONA brand Chocolate Chips and we got no way but get it. I seriously don't .... trust(and like) using Malaysia's baking ingredients.

And we quickly raaaaaaaaaaaaaan back home. When we stepped out of ou, we realize that it was dark outside already O.O so yeah, extra speed ! We wanted to use short cuts so we used the way to school there to go home.

*school gate is open*
eyh, it's your school back door close?
yaaah. faster run laa. *stopped* ..... we should climb from back door? O.O
err ...

*reached the back door*

Oh gosh! I forgotten there's a A there! (there's a ' A 'letter above our door -_-') how to climb like that? Never mind! I got other way!

So we raan to the place where I always see students climbing in and out from there. But we were too short to even climb the wall -_-' We tried so many times but we still couldn't climb over! The whole thing was damn funnay, we were laughing our ass off cause one of us will see us trying to climb out like a gorilla, leg wide! hand wide! (never mind, I know you don't get what it means) plus, we were seriously dead exhausted. we were running all the time!

So we decided to try the back door there again and finally we managed to get out from that narrow gap ! It's really damn small for us to go over. really ! We were so happy running back home. lol. ah, what an adventure :D

And the dough .. yeah it was super sticky. but still eatable! We did two types of Chocolate cookies. so yeah, Christmas cookies for those that I'm going to bump into tonight! ;)


Okay, I feel super lazy to go Curve tonight -_-' I'll just go to my aunty's Christmas dinner then. Oh my gosh! then those cookies le ?! A LOT WEIH SERIOUSLY !

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My background very princess-ish hor? >< I know, I just realize it. I feel like changing it but my data will get lost -_- sei lor, have to stick with this background ah? X.X

Will update tomorrow!


my dinner tonight :) Dad is at Johor now and brother is at a church dinner(no, we're buddhist) now so only left me and mum at home.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008



It's better if you're here.

I'm feeling tired, caused of the sore throat :\ Too many chocolates i guess? Might be going for a jog with my mum at Kiara Park later. My brother is out for rock climbing, I wanted to join but only 18 and above is allow to bring another partner so yeah.

The sims 2 was successfully installed :) I don't want to start playing it first because I want to download those online objects! They are so pretty :) but I don't know how to save the file -_- It didn't appear in The Sims now.

I'm waiting for my show to start, Gem Of Life. 15 minutes more to go :) Oh yeah, 6 more days to my birthday. I'm really lazy to plan for the outing woi.

Monday, December 15, 2008

you loved her.

That's my mum trying on some clothes by the way haha. Headed to Pavillion for shopping with my mum and brother. Finally there's Pepper Lunch in Malaysia and the first shop is at Pavillion, so we had our lunch there. The Salmon Pepper Lunch is still as good as the one I had in Australia and Singapore :)

It was really fun to shop around since brother started to like shopping :O And I wouldn't mind helping him to pick some clothes because ...... ' people change ' (that's my brother quote) from not-so-fashion to not-so-bad-fashion, still keeping up hahah :p I finally found a jeans i like! ugh, it's really hard to choose a jeans. It's either the cutting I dislike, design or the colour. Now I have all type of jeans O.O skirt, shorts, three-quater and normal long jeans! :D

I spent ........ RM500 today :O haiyo ! haven't 1k yet. whoooooops ;p thanks mum ! The bank called her cause she signed too much today. hahahaha, 1k included my brother's and her's.

90 bucks for Curry Fish head -_- too much weih, Madam. Dad joined us for dinner at Madam Kwan's after that. The nasi lemak there is all time favorite! sluuurp* We wanted to continue shopping but it was almost ten so we just have to go back :)

dead exhausted :x but super happy ! :D

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Things are going to be fine.

Twilight again with Gabriel and Wei Wah just now. I still enjoyed watching it even tho it's my second time! :) This time, I got to see Carlisle clearly(because I kept on pay attention on Edward the first time) and yes, he is hot :D nah-uh, Edward is still hot for me, different type of chili okay! :p ehehe.

After movie, straight away went home cause the movie ended at 9 30 plus and it's kinda late already so yeah. Bought Big Apple's Doughnut for late dinner :( wrong time to eat yeah? I know. My eating time is all jumbled up already. Wake up at one thirty and I'll have my breakfast(my mum prepare breakfast most of the day) around two. My breakfast is always light so I'll find for food in the evening so my dinner will be late again and that means the calories are going to be DOUBLE ! :(

Plus, my uncle from Kedah came down yesterday and he bought us a box of Shell shaped Chocolate and a packet of Kisses ! I always grab one palm full before I go anywhere.

What I'm trying to say is, i'm getting fat ... again :(

I know that myself okay. So next time if anyone of you realise i'm getting fatter/thinner, please .. please, tell me okay. I will take that as an encouragement for myself to exercise more(or eat more O.O okay i know that won't happen -_-).

Thank you bye bye.



oh it's next week -_- damn.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Brooother ! ;)

I bought him that shirt ! :D :D :D

Just a simple celebration since Dad is not free tonight. Dinner at One World Hotel, Kura Japanese Restaurant. The food was great, will dine there with Dad next time :)




Green Tea ice cream with red bean.

Frozen Strawberry with Vanilla ice cream inside.

Mine is coming ! hohoho :D

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Hello, is this Ms. Jennifer?
I'm calling from Assunta Hospital yeah. Your friend, Ryan got into a car accident just now. Do you have any way to contact his parents?
car accident? oh my gosh. When? This morning?
yeah this morning.
at Palm Spring.
Oh( I was thinking where the hell is Palm Spring -_-), oh my gosh. What really happened?
He got crashed by a truck.
oh my gosh. TRUCK ? *imagine*


I .. I don't have his parents number. um .. um where's his phone and um stuffs?

Sorry I can't hear you.
um his phone.
His phone is kinda broken into pieces already. And he's in a critical moment.
Oh, oh my gosh. oh,, um .. I ... I'll call ... his .. his .. sister now. Then um .. I .. I'll um.. call you back?
Okay. I'll call you back. Thanks Ms. Jennifer.

*call Amanda Liu, wrong number (oh my gosh oh my gosh)*
*call Sue Zen*

Hello um Sue Zen?
Um .. um can I have Amanda Liu's ... number? He's brother accident just now.
Amanda Liu? her brother accident?
oh okay wait ah. 012****
*pen out of ink* oh okay, 012**** *finding for other pen*
oh um 012**** ? *finding for pen*
oh um 012**** * *finally I found a pen!* um 012 ?
oh okay sorry for disturbing bye!

1 new message.
" eyh jenn it's just a prank "


I was freaking panic when I got the call ! I even shivered when I talked ! PFFT. I scolded him right after that. No birthday present for you, Ryan >:\ ugh. And I'm so sorry, Sue Zen! for waking you up from your sleep :\

mhmm mhmm ! ;) It was sent to my house this afternoon, after the prank -_- I love it so much laa ! :D sexaaaay. Anyway, was at Kota Damansara with mum in the afternoon. I'm finding for a nice mirror and arm chair for my room :)

RM 1099 ! :(

I've to forget about it. I'm finding for a mirror something like that, that kind of design. If anyone of you know where to find, please leave a comment alright? :) much appreciate.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

very the sexy yeah? :D I don't know what to request for my birthday present already. So since I don't like my very mini MP4 (yes MP4, ever heard of it? NO -_- okay never mind), I requested this very sexy red iPod nano and I order it already :D Thanks mum! ;)

Anyway! I woke up at 2pm today, put on my house clothes and went down to have 3 pieces of J.CO's doughnut for erm.. breakfast(?) while watching Hairspray. After that, I wanted to have steamboat at Ikano but I was too lazy to change so whatever laa, eat then come back already ma, don't have to dress until so nice.

Ended up I went home after the mall closed -_- I feel damn uneasy the whole time lor, wore until damn cin cai, tee shirt and shorts. Some more I was'nt at Ikano only, I went Curve, Cinileasure and Ikea ! X.X Lucky didn't bump into anyone.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Was packing my stuffs with my mum and look at those Barbie Dolls I have! haha. The two grey box are full with barbie dolls ONLY okay lol. They are all stacked up like dead people from Tsunami. It's kinda .... scary when we arrange them :\ Uncombed long hair X.X But they are damn rich man, they have cars, house, shop and a super big wardrobe! and those furniture my mum bought for them are so pretty :)

I can't wait to make over my kiddy room! Repaint my room, change the floor, door wallpaper and the wardrobe ! :D hell yeah babe hell yeah ! ehehehehhe :) I'll be a lil busy these days because I have to clean up my room, buy the paint and so on. ugh finally I don't have to face the computer 24/7 already!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Give me some confidence and I'll stay strong.

Alright let's see, Way wen's umm.... 'surprise' party was okay, wasn't surprise enough. The people weren't that outgoing . Well.. including me :)

err yeah.. I only took pictures with her.

The Twilight Saga is out of stock in every book shop -_- I went to Popular, MPH and Border also don't have :'( Border now have the Christmas offer. Twilight + New Moon, RM49.40 ! :O ;D oh yeah, and a free Twilight tattoo, lol. They'll have the stock in next 2 weeks, so I have to wait. boo :(

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

You said it's going to be different.

I'm done reading the book in 3 days! :D YAAAAAY ! 3 daaaays ! ahahahahahahahahah :D :D The story line is really sweet, really :) Edward is so protective towards Bella. He has the strength to protect her. Oh well, just let me continue dreaming for a guy like that. haha. okay stop it Jenn -_-'

I'm getting New Moon tomorrow! Joanne told me New Moon is mostly about Jacob and Bella. Edward only appeared in the beginning and the end. ho my :\

Monday, December 1, 2008

I still can't see the difference.

I'm already at page 140 ! :D I just borrowed it from Joanne around 4pm and I'm at page 140 at 9pm! hahahahaha. Well I gotta say ... I'm kinda proud of myself! haha, eyh I don't like reading story books one okay! I only have 2 story books and I never finish any of them. just read through it and I'll just leave it a side.

Surprisingly, I enjoy reading this book, a lot( I never once enjoy reading a book okay!). I'm not going to compare it with the movie. Both have it's own interesting part. no offense la, but what for compare right? you can't expect the movie to be exactly the same with the book. I know they did cut a lot of part but I believe they have their own reasons? :)

So anyway! went trops for bowling with Joanne today. It's been so long both of us had out little time together :) We were boiling the phone line( if there's such sentence) last midnight. Share my problems with her is really nice. she'll make you feel better. really ! even tho she won't comment much but still ! :D eheh. I'm feeling different after I spent my time with her today :O