Sunday, August 31, 2008

I can't tolerate that, I swear.

Happy Merdeka everyone! ( -_- patriotic nyaaa....)

Went Curve with Kuah around 7 30pm. then meet up with Amirul, Iman and Norman at Cineleasure. Spotted lots of weird people, those over-dressing one. haha. okay whatever. We got no idea where to go, so we went to the shop where those CUteeez gUrlz always go, taKe ThOse cuTez CuteZ piCtureZ one Orhzx. but of course we didn't go there to take pictures lah duhh, they played don't know what thing, i also don't know lah.

Then had a small yum cha session at Teh Tarik Place. Kuah and I went to DJ for some reason after that. All the cabs wanna charge us 20 bucks just to go DJ, at last we paid 15 bucks, but it was still damn bloody expensive okay.

While we were at his friend's house, my mum suddenly called and said she wanna bring me home -_- wtf. say don't know what i'm the only girl very dangerous what crap what crap. ugh. so I've to go back early lah. bloody hell. spoiled my mood only. so here I am, blogging. while them over there clubbing, chit-chatting. damn fun lah huh. now have to wait after PMR only can hang out again. eesh.

have fun lah you guys :)

Friday, August 29, 2008


Went to tighten my braces again yesterday. It hurts me this time cause she changed a rougher wire for me :/ I've to eat porridge for breakfast, porridge for lunch and porridge for dinner! porridge porridge porridge and more porridge ! -_- uhh, i'm so sick of Mcd's Bubur Ayam already. eyeer. Anyway, I'm enjoying Secret Recipe's Chocolate Banana now :) mmmmm.

So ... I skipped school(I wanna skip more! x) ) today and studied at Centre Point's Mcd with friends. Kuah non-stop saying I quarreled with Jes the whole morning -_- which eyes and ear did you see both of us quarreled? we were talking like normal lah. keep on say me and her quarrel only. ugh, whatever maaan. I'm having pms now, so I get angry easily, OK? bear with it.


edited ;

Okaaay, so just now I went for my Math tuition like usual. After the math tuition, while I was walking down the stairs and replying messages, I fell down. I sprained my ankle. It was hell pain, I swear. hell pain. Then I started to feel dizzy, sweating and body started to turn cold. I even feel like vomiting. Thank God Shahira and Zereen were there with me, thank you loves :) My parents was wondering in the car why didn't I turned up yet. Then dad went down to find me only he knew what happened. Parent sent me to DHS Hospital for check-up, then went for X-Ray. no big deal, just sprained my ankle only. Oh well, good experience :) haha.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Secondhand Serenade - Fall For You

I'm currently very addicted to this song. The words are so simple yet meaningful. what a beautiful song :) heh.

There were no electricity for our block again -_- thank god it was cooling the whole morning. It rained after school, so I've to run back home under the rain. uhh, no I don't really like to run under the rain, I was in baju kurung some more. So I reached home, took a bath and took an afternoon nap.

Then went for tuition at EduSmart. The air-conditioner was super cold *freezee*. My foot and hand are still cold now. I wish I'll get sick x) well, kinda miss the feeling of sick, don't know why. hehe.

Alright, all these are random. Bye.

Monday, August 25, 2008

fatty crabs.

Ignore the title. It just suddenly came to my mind, so.. yeaaaaah :) heh


First day of school is always not a good day for me, seriously. Surely something annoying happen. and it's always my hair -_- I feel it's damn heavy today, not comfortable with it the whole morning. damn annoying. sometimes I just feel like chopping it off. pfft. okay whatever.

I got back my Math and Science paper today =x the results are terrible. gahh, needa study harder. But the word 'work harder' doesn't really... umm works for me? I mean, I always tell myself to study harder, cause I'm not those smart ppl, so study harder lah. I did study everyday, but not hard. just look through only, you knoooow.... =/

off to study now. byeee.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008



Things between us are finally settled.
Everything are clear.

We remain as best friends :)
Hope everything will get back to normal,
those wonderful days before all these happened.
Our usual talks,
Usual laughter.
(miss it like hell)

Before our things are settled,
I already predict that you will give me this answer.
It was clearly shown that we're not gonna get back to our old unofficial relationship.
I accepted your answer cheerfully.
Tho I wish that wasn't the answer.
But that's the only way.

at least we're back to best friend right.
Definitely better than stranger.

But by the way you treat me now,
I think everything is gonna change.
I don't think we're gonna be as close as we used to be.
I don't think I'm gonna receive your messages as many as last time.
I don't think you're going to send another message typing " ello ? " just because I replied your message 5 minutes late.
What I hope now is all these are not gonna happen.
Don't let it happen, kay?

I'm still gonna treat you how I used to treat you.
I will try my best to show you that I'm fine,
tell you that you don't have to feel guilty(if you are) about it.
I will do whatever to stick back our solid friendship.

My blueberry cheese tarts are gonna be the best helper ;) haha.

I still love you best friend ! : ) *cheesy sial*

There's still something that is not gonna change.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

no lies.

Helloooooooo :)

I love this new look of my blog! look so clean and fresh :) hehe.


I'm so exhausted. Mum and I went shopping at the usual mall, Curve and Ou :) I don't have a comfortable shoe to wear, so my feet and ankle are aching like hell. We shopped the whole day yo. Currently, my mum and I are finding for dresses. We were so tired cause we couldn't find any perfect one =/ okay whatever. at least I bought few tops and accessories :)

I can't believe I actually bought a shoe from Crocs :O Still remember the first time I saw those shoes from Crocs, gosh. I said I'll never buy any shoes from Crocs. They look so ugly. But hey, it's really comfortable and light you know :) Their design are getting better. plus, you can't really see it's made from rubber from far. and and and, the design is quite nice right? :D

I bought this from TopShop. quite some time already. but I only wore it like few times. You see that 2 so-called-plaster behind the shoe? Thought maybe it could help to make my ankle feel more comfortable whenever I wear it, but it doesn't help. I still have blisters whenever I wear it, like now. Such a waste of money :(

p/s Happy holidays everyone! :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

little things.

Chinese will be the last paper for tmr, YAY :D Had Math paper 1 & 2 and Geo today. Math 2 was easy, but not for Math 1 =/ Over all, the papers weren't that difficult, I guess. Hope I'll get a better result lah :)

So today, I gave myself a break. Headed to Kiara Park for a jog with hunny Jas and Wee Kiat :) It was the first time both of them meet each other. Apparently, 3 of us are in the same situation, some relationship problems. We were talking about it most of the time. It was the topic for the evening! hehe.

Spent my day surfing the net and updating my pictures(hehe). Had one hour sleep before I was out for the jog. mmmm, the feeling was great :)

Anyway, I.Can't.Wait.To.Shop. like seriously desperate to spend my day at the shopping mall :) shopping, eat, shopping, eat. oh god. Saturday mum, saturday x)

ahh random.

Saturday, August 9, 2008



Who are you?
Why are you someone so special that make me vulnerable?

Everything you did to me,
I treat it as something really nice and memorable.
Something worth for me to think of it every day.

I'm over reacting?
Tell me how should I act then.
It's half-hanging.
I don't know how should I act.
That's the problem I'm facing it.
But I try to keep everything fine.
Cause maybe I'm the one who thinks too much.
So I choose not to tell you how I actually feel deeply inside my heart.

Thinking of it again,
I don't know when did we even start.
Or maybe I should say,
We didn't even start before.
Yeah, that's the correct one.

I hope all these would never happened before.
We still maintain as close friends.
And I,
continue admiring you behind.
But it's too late.
Everything are out of control.
You know I already fall for you.
Is that good?
yes? no?
I can't help it.

I feel really tired about it.
It's half-hanging.
That's the point.
I can't tell you how I feel about this.
You'll think I'm forcing you.
Perhaps you already think I am forcing you.
But I'm not.
I just wanna make everything clear.
I'm not begging for your love.
I just don't want it unofficially.
Want then want.
Don't want then don't want.
you get it?

At last,
I let it be.
Just continue everything.
Not to think so much.
But each day I continue,
the more problems actually happened between us.
You can choose not to tell me anything,
cause I'm not yours,
you are not mine.
I can't expect you to tell me everything.
There are lots of misunderstood because of that.
There are too many things undefined.

I want to care about you,
share the problems you are facing.
But it seems like you didn't give me the chance.
So many things are unspoken.

I still care about you.
No matter what you did to me,
you are always forgiven.

No, I'm not blaming you for anything.
You did nothing wrong.
It's just that ..
we're lack of something between us.

I found out it's hard to understand you.
I try to understand you more,
but it seems like something is blocking me to understand you.
I can't see your world.
Well, only time can help.

Those two days with you,
would be my best days.
I can't describe how happy I was,
how secure I felt.
The things we done.
The things we talked.

I took few days to write about this.
There are too much to express.
I just don't know where should I start.

This feeling is indescribable.
You know that maybe he's gonna hurt you soon,
yet you're still willing to stay next to him.
You know you might ended up have a sad ending,
but you just want to stay with him by that time,
even tho it's just a short while.

What I need is an explanation from you.
Don't call your friends to tell me what's happening.
I wanna hear it from you.
No matter how harsh the fact gonna be,
I still have to face it.

Time is what you need.
I gave you.
But please,
the longer time you took,
the more I feel the pain.

Why are you making things so complicated?
Why can't we make everything simple?

Oh, right. I forgot.
Things are complicated cause you are not sure how do you feel to me.
Am I right?
Did I get the point?
Or am I the one who thinks too much again?
Or maybe,
you just realize it?

For what you told me all the time,
are those lies?
are those jokes?
Did you really mean it when you said?

I'm not trying to say being with you is something not happy.
I'm not complaining anything.
I was happy.
It's just that I need to express my feelings.

Trials are here.
And all these things are bothering me.
I tried to chill.
I tried not to think about it.
Does it works?
Well, kinda.
But it is still in my mind.
I can't get rid of it.
Cause I still can't get the answer.

It's not that I wanna annoyed you or what.
But c'mon.
This thing is distracting me all the time.
Everybody tell me different things about you.
I don't know who to trust.
I wanna make everything clear.
I had enough of guessing.

Trust me,
no girls like this kind of situation.
Try to understand me, for once?

Why not tell me the truth?
Good or Bad,
I am ready to face it.
Tell me.
So that I can know which direction I should go.

What I should do now is study hard. We'll talk about it after exams.


Friday, August 8, 2008


Happy Birthday Daddy !

Days are great with you dad :) you work hard to make this family safe and happy. but please, don't stress yourself too much. Take a good care of yourself :)

just so you know, you're the best, dad. I love you.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

really random.

Yeow Wai Seng! Happy 16th Birthday! :D sorry lah, didn't prepare any present for you. Maybe I'll just make a card for you lah kay :) Hope you had a great party?

Anyway, I went ou to find birthday present for dad. Tomorrow will be his birthday :) But then we gonna celebrate it on Saturday since Friday bro & I have tuition.

Topshop - 50% discount!


Esprit - 30% discount!

: O

Miss Selfridge - not sure. but i can see those BIG BIG % in the shop!


Next week will be trials. after trials.. H.A.H.A. I'm going shooppiiiing c(: better keep your promise, mum :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Lots of things happened recently. no, not happy ones. Some are happy, but mostly are something sad. what's going on? Trials and PMR are coming and all these things seems to be bothering me easily.

And Fan Cheong Jescyn! Everyone of us miss you so much! you miss us too right? come back then. COME BACK. when are we gonna see you again? We'll wait for that day, patiently. You take care okay? stay strong :)