Wednesday, October 29, 2008

come back. I need you.

My babe Nokia E66 is with me now :) sexy-white. oh damn! :D no regrets choosing it! Anyway, I have not receive any call from GSC yet. maybe they already have enough part-time workers so they don't need me :/ It's sokaaaay! but .. my days will get more boring than ever. boo :( some more I am no longer a Celebrity Fitness member anymore. Tomorrow will be the last day. SO! I'm going to wake up early, and go to gym :D

Monday, October 27, 2008

all over again babe.

Nokia E66


Nokia E71 ?

They have the same function. just different look. I can't decide :(

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Here I am, without you

Mummy was qualified for a survey at Garden, so I tag along my cousin and we spent our day there. From Gardens to Mid Valley, then Mid Valley to Garden, then Garden to Mid Valley again .. we did that like 5 times :O haha. We wanted to catch a movie but as you know, the queue at that cinema is always as long as a river. We walked around and tried on some clothes. After mummy was done, we tag her back to that shop, grabbed my clothes and leave it at the counter for her to pay :D heh.

Ice Cream Fondue at Baskin Robbin ! yuuuum :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Obssesion makes people go loco.

Hello Jennifer. Where're you now? go in your room and open the lights now.

har? oh.. er.. okay.

look out your window.

*Dwayne, Gabriel and Wei Wah were standing outside my house*

:O !

My mum was being really nice cause she didn't mind my friends came over our house so late. It was 12 in the morning! They kept on pranked my friends on MSN, talking craps to them as if that was me. I'm sorry if they talked something really over or .. anything to you guys last night :) I shoo them home around 1am. haha. I was afraid my parents would get disturbed by them. Was being a goodie daughter yo ;)

And this morning, went breakfast with them at Little BU. Then headed to Cinileisure to catch a movie, Tropic Thunder. -_- It's a stupid movie with no meanings. After that, we went back to Gab's house and continue playing PS2.

this is the only picture. others are all videos :)

Around 5pm, his ah ma wanted to watch her movie so they came to over my house with their precious PS2. We played dancing map! hahah. Wei Wah is very lame and funny :O They stayed until 7 plus and went back to Gab's house. Dwayne is on his flight to Bangkok now. remember to buy me sovenir, Mr! ;)

Will update about Sunway after I get those pictures from Norman :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Nintendo DS Lite .

Nintendo DSi .

Dua-dua pun sexynyaaaaa! :D DS Lite or Dsi ? DSi now have camera, bigger screen and able to play Wii games. tetapi belum launch lagi :'( For more info, go check out yourself. hehe. I lazy to say lah -_- not really clear about it too.So, should I wait for it? or just take DS lite?


Sunday, October 19, 2008

You change your mind like a girl changes clothes.

Went for survey with Jas today for the first time. Joanne disqualified. hahaha xD Well, it was about They just want our opinion about so they can improve themself. The whole thing was kinda boring. but i don't mind to go again! :D hehe. alaah, got free money who don't want right? hehe.

Then after that we went Curve for dinner. Vnod joined us. It's his birthday today! so just a really simple birthday celebration since there were only 3 of us. alright, i needa go sleep now! nights ! :)

i like this picture alooooooooot !!

take it home.

Like finally, I got to go shopping with my mum again at Pavillion yesterday :) Got myself a liquid eyeliner from Shu Umera and I really really like it ! :D Liquid eyeliner is really good, girls. It's not difficult to apply at all. just like how you use the pencil eyeliner. Oh and ! my mum bought me a Guess handbag :D I really like it too. and it's white ! I was haunting for a white handbog for so long but always couldn't find a nice one. Mhmm. then bought some shorts and accersorries. Man, I'm going for shopping at One Utama again tomorrow :)

Anyway, Jacob's party wasn't that fun last night :/ so yeah. don't wanna talk so much about it. pictures will do the talking.


ahahahah :D

shu feiiiiii :D

shu meeeeiiii

everyone was happy ! :D

hehe :)

Friday, October 17, 2008



It's time to have fun, babe! ;)

------------ *shows tired face*

ehehehehehehehe :)

Had our lunch at Delicious. Well, the food there are not that delicious also -_-

Qi kacau jeh ! xp

my hair ! <3

ahahah !

idk where the hell they get that mask -_-

I need some sleep now. G'night people :)

p/s Joanne, I'm so god damn sorry we did not take any nice picture together just now. I deleted all the ugly one. tomorrow kay ? love you :)