Monday, July 28, 2008


sorry for the lack of updates people. but i guess not many people even care about it right. okay whateves :) Since i got nothing to update, i'll just talk about some really random stuffs and elaborate it. read it if you're too bored or else, don't kay? :)

darn gay right? haha. I think it doesn't suits me at all. Kuah and I exchanged our school bag for one day. since.. last Thursday. I returned him his bag d cause it seriously don't suits me. haha sorry laah. but my bag is still with him. my calculator, timetable all inside the bag. he don't wanna gimme back, I miss my bag so much kaaaaay. stupid head c(;

Anyway, I'm afraid i've not enough time to finish all syllabus. oh wrong , I should say I don't have the mood to study. yah, first don't know what PPB(kerajaan's one), trials, gerak gempur then only PMR *shivers* why must we go through so many exams which are almost the same -_- darn bongok.


mmm. chocolate chips :)

who will you think when you see this picture? doughnut ? Yellow face man?

Yah, that's Simpson :)

I took it when I was studying past few days. was so boring, history yo, history. well, i got nothing to elaborate about this topic.


okay, i'm gonna talk about school. Hari Koko is coming. so most of the teachers and students are out for rehersal. so the class will be so darn... Buh-Oh-Ring! okay, i got nothing to elaborate about this too!

OH YAH Wee Kiat ! HI :D haha, nice meeting you at Cheer 08 yah. I'm the one should thank you for the surprise. It was funny when you told me you asked me when is Blitzerz gonna perform when Blitzerz are next and everyone can see it by their own eyes. haha :)

anyway, i'm so sorry about it Joanne. Everyone of us will be there for you when you need any help kay. jangan segan, cakap je :) We love you kay <3

Monday, July 14, 2008

be the best.

You girls did it great that day, great job Blitzerz :) You guys are much better than last year, at least we got 6th. Work harder, fight to be the Champion!

Saturday was bo.....ring =.= went to school with my sleepy brain, sleepy eyes and sleepy body early the morning on Saturday. Stoned for hours at the Stadium doing nothing, I wasn't in the mood to listen music early the morning like 8am, listening to Shake it by Metro Station, Beat it by erm.. erm... who is/are the singer/band again ?

Sunday - UBER FUN! :D not in the morning, cause had some talking with mum. fuhreaking cried in the morning! the arguments were settled, thanks to dad. love him so so much ! :D mum also lah kay :)

Yah continue.. met up with Hua Yen, Jacob and Jia Earn there. They are no gentlemen yo! >;\ NO GENTLEMEN ! leave a girl walking alone behind, until i complained. damn you guys man!

I didn't really hang out with Jo and Kay that day cause someone sat on my seat *roll eyes :D * Jo reserved a seat for me y'know but thanks to her *roll eyes* *big smile :D*
(idk what does that mean too)

Kuan and Kai teman-ed me almost the whole time :) We had our lunch at the Mcd at Masjid Jamed there. We only have 1 and a half hour but we wasted half and hour walking to the LRT station, buy the tickets, and wait for the LRT. we can't enjoyed the 2 or 3 packets of free fries cause we have to rushed back to watch Dynamitez.

We were so unlucky, it started drizzling then raining while we were on the way back to the
Stadium. We were one step late. Once we reached, we heard supporters screamed, cheered, shouted loudly. obviously, it was Dynamitez performance :( NEVERMIND. there's always YouTube ;)

p/s idk what's wrong with blogger -_-

Go Blitzerz !

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Happy Birthday Jas Hun ! <3

Our memories. remember? We start getting closer this year, through Chinese class. Then library, outings, genting :) Thou our personality are kinda different(I don't go those bar, drink, party and blahblah), but we still get to be so close to each other everyday :)

love you loads hun :) I'm so glad to have you as my hunny.

Friday, July 11, 2008

free period.

stupid head.

i did not edit this picture kay. they main themself one.

I bought cupcakes for Jasmine's surprise mini birthday party :) I dropped it before I went to school, darn bloody pissed off. the design were like... =x Anyway, she's happy ; we're happy ! love you loads hun ! <3 (:

OH YAH. i didn't get to take pictures with the Jas and Celes :( their from next class, so it's kinda hard for me to take picture with them.

Norman Firdausssss :)

bloody Iman. heh :)

Sunday, July 6, 2008


: O

the joy.

I just finished a PMR Science Modal Paper, umm it's not that hard actually. But still have to catch up on the Form 1 & Form 2 :)

Yesterday, I baked those tart shells for my blueberry cheese tart :) all by myself *proud!* ello first time kay :D My mum didn't help me(except for helping to do the tart shells, ingredients all i added myself okay okay okay :D ) cause she was out for half of the day.

And today! I'm done with my Blueberry Cheese Tart ! I was really happy when I saw my friends eating the tart(the one my mum baked) so happily. A joy of giving :) Can't wait to see their face impression while eating my tart tomorrow! :D Come grab one, kay? I would love to share with anyone of you! :)

Friday, July 4, 2008


sorry, i know it's kinda poseeer. no comments please!

I got a new shades :D like finally, it's Levi's :) I actually wanted Roxy, cause i spotted some really nice one that day but I'm not sure about the price.

So daa-daa-dee daa, went check up for my eyes and bro's one. He finally got a specs, like YAHOOOOOO! :D don't ask me why i'm so happy for him(which he's not). I think he looks kinda... weird. maybe is just that i'm not used to see him wearing glasses :) He got a Levi's glasses and shades, my mum got herself a Gucci shades and I got a Levi's one too :) hell yeah ! wanted a shades for a looooooong time..

Anyway, I was late for school due to SOME reason today, and i realized our school guard is so.damn.rude -__-

" oi.... "
"tulis ni... "

"oh okay! (in a happy mood) "

after i wrote, i chao and i said THANK YOU, but then he damn yong sui, shouted at me again.

" woi ..... "
"bagi balik buku ni !"
"oh okay. thank you"

This may sound so normal, but c'mon. he's really rude that time! I'm being polite to him. what kind of attitude is that, uncle?(i can't even see his face, but i think he's an indian cause i see nothing but only voices *i swear no offense okay!*)

Thursday, July 3, 2008


nah-uh, it's not edited.

I'm having a bad headache now =/ it's 8pm now and i need a rest, but i dont want to rest, so i've to tahan the aching. what a crap.

Library with Kuan, Jacob, Jas and Jescyn just now. Not really a good day, some conflict happened between Jas with some other ppl. don't wanna talk about it.

It's been so damn long since i had my roti canai at mamak store. Roti canai at Makbul are not bad. My dinner was .. inedible or either my taste buds got problem.

Current condition : tired.