Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hello hello hellooo ! :D

I feel like blogging again, hehe. Test are finally over like omg YAY! ;D I already started declaring my own holidays :)) I didn't go to school for two days but went today because we're not allow to skip school for 3 days berturut-turut. Ohmygoshhh, holidaysss. How should I spend it? :)) Let's see, I'm finishing Stairway to Heaven, it's a korean drama. VERY SAD LAA. For the first time I cried watching korean drama! seriously, that time I remember Joanne lent me this korean drama, wait what is it called againnn.. err, a! Tree In Heaven. I didn't even cry a bit and she cried like baby. I.don' -.- Seriously.

Okay. I wanna go outttt! :D When outing when outing? :)) :)) I also wanna .... BAKE! Chocolate cupcake, cheese tart, chocolate almond cookies... ahhhhh :D Okay I have a feeling this holiday is gonna be fun :D O YEAH.

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Kay said...

wah you finally cried. haha.


hahah! so bad.