Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Miss Universe 2009.

So, The title of Miss Universe 2009 goes to Miss Venezuela, Stefania Fernandez and she's only 18 years old like whaaaat? She looked freaking mature and of course very pretty. But I was hoping Miss Puerto Rico(the one on the left) to get the title of Miss Universe. She might not look pretty in some angle but over all her face is unique. Y'know like Angelina Jolie, never focus on her lips only, it's very .. weird, and thick :x But over all she's one sexy lady. Agree? :) That day my mom watched Wanted and there's a scene where Angelina Jolie kiss the guy and the camera focused all on their kissing and my mom said Angelina Jolie's lips is like a leech sucking the guys lips. HAHAH! I laughed when she said that. The way my mom describe is way more disgusting k.

Anyway, all contestants look really gorgeous and stunning that night ;) Miss Universe 2008 dropped the crown while crowning Miss Universe 2009! What the hell! It's a freaking don't know how many K of gem stones and she dropped it like that! Sure got scratches dy, damn sam tong k.

And omg i I didn't know Heidi Montag sings! :O I was like .. Heidi? Isn't she from The Hills? Her body is damn nice okay. Damn hot ! The song was not bad - Body Language. I don't like her outfit for that night -.- skin coloured.


I skipped English tuition today because I got no trasnsport ! YAY :D This month will be last month there. No more torture! :D Y'know the class should end at 6 15 and she always end it at 6 30 and fyi, it's a 2 hours 15 minutes class. Isn't it way enough!? -.-

Okay, i gtg now. Another tuition later :( Oh another thing, I dislike Miss Kosovo. Don't get why is she even in Top 5.

5 comment(s):

booooo said...

You are hot, too!
I mean your body:D

Cindee said...

I liked miss australia :)
and puerto rico looks like jess alba.
but i thought venezuela was quite deserving cause she did really good at the answer question part. she's smart :)

lily said...

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