Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nothing, nothing is going on.

The washroom in Parkson is big :O

Anyway! Mom and I didn't do much shopping today. We have our whole day to shop but it seems like .. there's nothing much to shop there. For TODAY i mean. Normally Pavillion is nice :D I still get what I want so, pretty good day!

What should I do tomorrow? Hm.. You know, I suddenly have this thinking, I feel bad to leave my mom alone when I go out with my friends. It's pretty mean leaving your mom at home doing nothing, ok maybe housework and you having fun outside with your friends. Rightttt(?), come to think of it. I think I should help her to plan outings with her friends to keep her accompany.

3 comment(s):

booooo said...

You treat your mum so nice, cause she bought you a DKNY bag is it.. AHAHAHA


no. I love her always. D'oh.

lily said...

Ya he visto algunos hay wedding gowns with sleeves